Decreasing Volatility on Synthetix (SNXUSD) Keeps Bears in Control

Synthetix Bears Takes Advantage of Decreasing Volatility to Keep the Market in Control The effect of decreasing volatility on Synthetix is that the bears remain in control. The market had endured a consolidation phase between the 22nd of February 2021 and the 17th of May 2021. This was after a price pump on SNX earlier … Continued

UMA (UMAUSD) Begins Another Consolidation Phase After Plunge in Price

UMA Market Analysis – Price Begins another Consolidation Phase UMA begins another consolidation phase after the price plunge. The market had initially experienced a surge in price earlier this year on the 2nd of February 2021. The coin shot up within the space of three days from the $11.550 demand to $45.000 supply. The market … Continued

Compound Seeks Support Once Again After Failing to Break Out

Compound has failed once more to break out of the resistance zone at $454.00. The market has been trapped between the support zone at $327.00, and the resistance zone at $454.00. The market experienced a breakout of the support level at $707 on the 16th of May 2021. A retest was seen below the key … Continued

Bancor (BNTUSD) Bears Remain in Control of the Market

Bears Remain in Control of Bancor Bancor remains under the control of the bears and is set for more downside. A pump in price had initially occurred between the 3rd of February and the 8th of March 2021. The pump lifted the price of Bancor from $1.900 to $9.400 which is more than a 390% … Continued

Synthetix (SNX/USD) Dives Into Demand Zone

SNX Market Analysis Synthetix has posted lower highs without concurrent lower lows. The volatile dive in price since the 19th of May has failed to break through the demand zone at $10.350. Price is seen to bounce on the zone multiple times. The market revealed sharp rejection at the demand zone with a long wick … Continued

UMA (UMAUSD) Retraces Into Deep Discount

UMA Market Analysis UMA experienced a bullish trend reversal upon reaching a support level at $11.00 on the 23rd of May this year. The coin was propelled with a sharp rejection upon reaching the support zone. UMA experienced its first major retracement after the trend reversal on the 27th of May. The retracement lasted for … Continued