Tamadoge (TAMAUSD) Exhibits Potential for a Rebound in the Upcoming Week

Analyzing the Tamadoge market from a 4-hour chart perspective, we have observed a tightening of market conditions, suggestive of a potential rebound. Since September 20th, following a decline below the $0.00900 price threshold, the market has encountered persistent resistance. However, approaching the weekend, a robust support level emerged at $0.008195, poised to serve as a foundation for a price rally in the upcoming week.

Kluczowe poziomy         

  • Opór: 0.013 USD, 0.014 USD i 0.015 USD.
  • Wsparcie: 0.00800 USD, 0.0075 USD i 0.0073 USD.

Tamadoge (TAMAUSD) Exhibits Potential for a Rebound in the Upcoming Week

Analiza cen TAMAUSD: punkt widzenia wskaźników

As the weekend approached, the Bollinger Bands compressed, indicating a decline in market volatility. Despite the Bollinger Bands depicting a somewhat irregular price channel, the current tamadoge market position is in equilibrium, slightly above the 20-day moving average. This upward movement in the market is prompting the bands to contract, laying the groundwork for a potential price rally.

The Relative Strength Index (RSI) also portrays the market at equilibrium. However, from this perspective, market activity appears to be intensifying, with price oscillation within the sell zone expanding. It is likely that the market will soon transition into the buy zone.

Tamadoge (TAMAUSD) Exhibits Potential for a Rebound in the Upcoming Week
Krótkoterminowa prognoza Tamadoge: wykres 1-godzinny

While the price channel depicted by the Bollinger Bands on the 4-hour chart appears to be somewhat irregular, it is noteworthy that the current price channel is exhibiting an upward trajectory. Furthermore, the bandwidth of price oscillation within the Relative Strength Index (RSI) is expanding, signifying an increase in bullish momentum within the market.

The emergence of higher highs serves as additional confirmation that the market is gaining momentum in an upward direction, potentially poised to surpass the $0.009 threshold in the near term.

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Polygon (MATIC/USD) Market Sits at $0.50, Mustering Catalysts

Prognoza cen wielokątów – 24 września
A recession trade motion has taken place in the Polygon market against the US dollar, running into about three days to presently produce a crypto-economic market that sits at $0.50, mustering catalysts.

It is possible that vigorous movements in the ensuing trading days will face additional tight recessive bargaining modes with the point of issue in focus, as has been seen on the indications list. Following the tendency of that projection to come true, restoring stances has been the way to recover a rise. If that presumption is accurate, no additional pushes should be maintained below the point of $0.50.

Kluczowe poziomy:
Poziomy oporu: $ 0.60, 0.65, 0.70
Poziomy wsparcia: 0.45, 0.40, 0.35

MATIC/USD – wykres dzienny
The MATIC/USD daily chart reveals that the crypto-economic markets are at $0.50, mustering catalysts as the trend lines of the moving averages.

The 50-day SMA trend line is above the 14-day SMA trend line, showcasing $0.642 and $0.541 points as the major contending barriers. The stochastic oscillators have slantingly positioned southbound from the overbought region to place between 66.20 and 63.34, denoting that a paused dealing session would be in the subsequent days.
Polygon (MATIC/USD) Market Sits at $0.50, Mustering Catalysts
How does the bargaining outlook portend in the MATIC/USD market concerning the 14-day SMA?
The transaction between Polygon and the US Dollar in relation to the 14-day SMA shows that the degree of action responsiveness has been between the indicator and the line of $0.50, given that the crypto trade sits at the value line, mustering catalysts.

Buyers are likely to regularly rebuild their postures from beneath the zones that have been deepening in the meantime. Investors are to maintain their mindset of establishing positions for holding on a long-term basis, regardless of the likelihood of seeing more lows beyond the $0.50 area.

A weak valuation spring in the cryptocurrency market that intentionally touches a resistance area near the trend line of the smaller SMA will offer bears the opportunity to move backward in an effort to approach the $0.50 line for a breakdown. But given that the choice was taken promptly, it would be dangerous to comply with shorting orders without immediately executing a stop-loss order.
Polygon (MATIC/USD) Market Sits at $0.50, Mustering Catalysts
Analiza cen MATIC/BTC
Dla porównania Polygon market sits at a lower-trading spot against Bitcoin below the trend lines of the moving averages, mustering catalysts.

Underneath the 50-day SMA indication is the 14-day SMA indicator. Making points at the topside of the smaller candlesticks that had been prominent for roughly two weeks, the lower horizontal line was drawn. The stochastic oscillators have crossed over to the north from an oversold area to position 67.70 to 67.10, suggesting that the base cryptocurrency may still need some time to debase before recovering against its quoting crypto economy.

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BNB Stabilizes above the $210 Support as It Trades Modestly

Analiza długoterminowa BNB (BNB): Niedźwiedzi
The BNB (BNB) price is above the $203 support as it trades modestly, but the 21-day SMA is limiting the upward movement. The cryptocurrency is now trading at the bottom of the chart. It varies between pricing levels of $203 and $212. BNB was rejected at the current high on September 21 as it found support above $209.

The Doji candlesticks have developed in the last 48 hours while BNB has traded modestly. BNB / USD moves slowly as a result of the Doji candlesticks. The cryptocurrency is now trading in the midst of its price range.

BNB Stabilizes above the $210 Support as It Trades Modestly
BNB / USD - wykres dzienny

Wskaźniki techniczne:
Główne poziomy oporu - 440 $, 460 $, 480 $
Główne poziomy wsparcia - 240 USD, 220 USD, 200 USD

Analiza wskaźnika Binance Coin (BNB)
BNB is stabilizing above the current Relative Strength Index support level of 40 for period 14. The price bars remained below the moving average lines, indicating that the altcoin has the potential to fall. BNB is in a bearish trend below the daily Stochastic level of 25.

Jaki jest następny kierunek dla Binance Coin (BNB)?
BNB / USD is now at the bottom of the chart as it trades modestly. The coin is now trading in a new price range of $203 to $212. The Doji candlesticks have emerged since September 21 as BNB trades softly. Because of the presence of Doji candlesticks, price movement has been confined above the current support level of $210.

BNB Stabilizes above the $210 Support as It Trades Modestly
BNB/USD – wykres 4-godzinny

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Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, September 23: D2TUSD Price at Possible Buy Opportunity

Dash 2 Trade Price Forecast: D2TUSD Price at Possible Buy Opportunity (September 23)
Połączenia D2TUSD pair has begun its rising pattern and the price is now at a possible buy opportunity. The crypto will most likely continue its bullish run and the coin price could still go higher if the bulls are able to further break up the $0.00801 level, then we can expect a good upside momentum up to the $0.01000 supply value resulting in a buy signal and an intraday gain for the buy traders.

Kluczowe poziomy:
Poziomy oporu: $ 0.01000, 0.01100, 0.01200
Poziomy wsparcia: 0.00800, 0.00700, 0.00600

D2T (USD) Trend długoterminowy: uparty (4H)
Połączenia D2TUSD pair remains in an upward move in its long-term perspective. The coin price is undeniably seen trading above the EMA-9, moving towards the overhead resistance. So, let’s sit back and watch the bulls take us higher.
Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, September 23: D2TUSD Price at Possible Buy Opportunity
The coin made it to a high at the $0.00584 mark during the previous session and sustained it. This made it possible for the coin to remain on the upside in its recent high.

Cena rynkowa Dash 2 Handluj which increases to a $0.00593 high level suggests an improved bullish market sentiment. Thus, closing the 4-hour session above the $0.00801 neckline will put the trade more on the buy side.

Notably, buyers are seen clustered around the market as indicated by the momentum indicator pointing upwards, which means that buyers will still be in control of the D2TUSD price, and this bullish rally could lead the price to the $0.01000 resistance level soon in its higher time perspective.

D2T (USD) Trend średnioterminowy: Byczy (1H)
Połączenia D2TUSD pair displays a high momentum bullish rally in its lower-term outlook. The chart shows that the coin now trades and faces the upper resistance channel. This is another opportunity to buy Dash 2 Trade and a turnaround for the buy investors.
Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, September 23: D2TUSD Price at Possible Buy Opportunity
In the previous actions the coin has been having high interference from buyers which really made it easier for the cryptocurrency to maintain stable upside moves in its recent high.

Just like usual the crypto’s price is going up as we can see from the daily chart. Buyers made a strong push with a long candle up to the $0.00593 high mark above the EMAs; this confirms a bullish strong breakout and a buy continuation.

Hence, if the trend continues, we might see the coin approaching the previous high trend line of the pattern around $0.00628, presenting a potential opportunity for buyers.

Additionally, further, continuation to the upsides is likely as the price indicator projects an upward move. This implies that the bullish trend will most probably continue and the pattern might hit the $0.01000 upper resistance trend line soon as well as a potential buy signal in its medium-term view.

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Compound (COMPUSD) Undergoes Second Major Correction

COMPUSD Analysis: Price Begins Its Second Major Correction As The Market Becomes Oversold

COMPUSD is experiencing its second major correction as the market becomes oversold. This downtrend occurred after an unsuccessful attempt by the bulls to drive the price above $86.00. The MA Cross indicates that the KOMPUSD market is bearish overall, meaning that any upward movement in price is likely to be a bullish retracement.

COMPUSD Znaczące Strefy
Strefy popytu: 35.40 USD, 23.20 USD
Strefy zaopatrzenia: 56.70 USD, 79.60 USD

Wykres TradingView

The ongoing motive trend began after the formation of a ‘head and shoulders’ pattern in August 2023. However, before then, the market’s order flow was bullish. In June 2023, the market entered the discount zone, with prices reaching $23.20, defining the demand zone. Subsequently, a bullish rally emerged, erasing previous resistance levels and reaching the $86.00 resistance point. However, overindulgence in the premium zone led to a significant drop in KOMPUSD until a swing low formed at the $60.00 psychological level.

Despite an initial uptick, strong selling pressure hindered further gains in the premium zone, resulting in a lower high at $79.60. The third impulse swing, which may be the longest wave, pushed KOMPUSD further down due to substantial selling pressure. The RSI confirmed oversold conditions, after which the bulls re-entered the market. There was a period of consolidation before the ongoing rise began.

Wykres TradingView

Oczekiwania rynkowe

Market expectations for COMPUSD are currently focused on the $45.20 swing high as the four-week high on the four-hour chart. A sell-side liquidity sweep occurred as COMPUSD fell sharply into the discount zone after the $45.20 high was established. It is anticipated that the recent uptrend will last until this high is invalidated.

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Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) rozpoczyna korektę w górę, gdy cena osiąga poziom zniesienia 79.0%

Analiza SHIBUSD – rynek rozpoczyna korektę w górę, gdy cena osiąga poziom zniesienia 79.0%

SHIBUSD rozpoczyna korektę w górę, gdy cena osiąga poziom zniesienia 79.0%. Zakres handlu na rynku jest obecnie zdefiniowany przez maksimum 0.00001130 $ i minimum 0.00000600 $. Po zakończeniu trendu wzrostowego w sierpniu 2023 r. nastąpił masowy krach, który w niecałe sześć tygodni sprowadził cenę z powrotem do strefy dyskontowej.

SHIBUSD Znaczące strefy

Strefy popytu: 0.00000700 USD, 0.00000600 USD
Strefy zaopatrzenia: 0.00000850 USD, 0.00001190 USD

Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) rozpoczyna korektę w górę, gdy cena osiąga poziom zniesienia 79.0%

Trudność, jakiej doświadczyła cena, przełamując opór wynoszący 0.00001190 dolarów, doprowadziła do masowego wycofania byków z rynku. Przed gwałtownym spadkiem rozpoczęła się faza konsolidacji, podczas której niedźwiedzie walczyły z bykami. Dalszy napływ zleceń sprzedaży ciągnął rynek w dół, aż do przekroczenia poprzedniego wsparcia na poziomie 0.00000850 USD. SHIBUSD został redystrybuowany na poziomie 0.00000850 USD przez prawie miesiąc, po czym wznowiono przecenę. Wyłaniający się trend spadkowy po redystrybucji z poziomu 0.00000850 dolarów zakończył się na poziomie 0.00000600 dolarów.

Gdy trend spadkowy zakończył się na poziomie 0.00000600 USD, nastąpiła zmiana w otoczeniu rynkowym. Według Stochastic Oscillator, byki powróciły na rynek, gdy ceny wzrosły ze strefy dyskontowej. Pierwszy impuls trendu wzrostowego zakończył się na poziomie cenowym 0.00000850 dolarów. Po krótkotrwałym zniesieniu, SHIBUSD kontynuował zwyżkowy trend, aż w strefie premii utworzyły się maksima na poziomie 0.00001050 USD i 0.00001130 USD. Na chwilę obecną przepływ zamówień na rynku jest niedźwiedzi. Jednak oscylator stochastyczny wskazuje obecnie, że zbliża się korekta w górę, gdy rynek opuszcza stan wyprzedania.

Shiba Inu (SHIBUSD) rozpoczyna korektę w górę, gdy cena osiąga poziom zniesienia 79.0%

Oczekiwania rynkowe

Po spadku płynności strony sprzedającej poniżej najniższego poziomu 0.00000730 USD na wykresie czterogodzinnym, indeks SHIBUSD wzrósł w górę. Oczekuje się jednak, że wyłaniający się trend wzrostowy będzie kontynuowany aż do osiągnięcia obszaru premium w strefie podaży 0.00000850 USD.

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Sponge/USD ($SPONGE) Bull Market Bounces Back at $0.0000976

In our prior analysis, there was speculation regarding a potential SPONGE/USD market rebound at the critical price point of $0.000096. Surprisingly, the recovery appears to be unfolding at a slightly higher support level, precisely at $0.0000976. Nevertheless, the certainty of the market maintaining this newfound support and sustaining its recovery remains uncertain. It is plausible that the market could ultimately revert to the $0.000096 level to resume its recovery path.

Kluczowe poziomy

  • Opór: 0.000115 USD, 0.000120 USD i 0.000125 USD.
  • Wsparcie: 0.00010 USD, 0.000090 USD i 0.000080 USD.

Sponge/USD ($SPONGE) Bull Market Bounces Back at $0.0000976

Analiza cen Sponge (SPONGE/USD): wnioski ze wskaźników

Trwałość GĄBKA/USD bullish recovery is currently in question due to the recent formation of an inverted hammer pattern on the 4-hour chart. This pattern suggests that the market has encountered significant resistance during its recovery, potentially leading to consolidation around this new support level, provided it proves to be robust, or a resurgence of bullish activity around the key support level.

Additionally, the Relative Strength Index (RSI) indicates a relatively slow pace of recovery for the market, with the RSI line hovering around 33. When coupled with the presence of the inverted hammer pattern, there is a compelling argument that the market may struggle to maintain its recovery at this juncture. It is conceivable that the bulls may regroup, focusing their efforts around the critical $0.000096 price level.

Sponge/USD ($SPONGE) Bull Market Bounces Back at $0.0000976

Perspektywa krótkoterminowa $SPONGE: wykres 1-godzinny

Upon close examination of the 1-hour chart, it becomes apparent that an increase in trading volume has likely contributed to the establishment of the $0.0000976 support level. Additionally, a resistance barrier has formed at $0.00009844. Despite the price correction, the market’s current position remains above the 20-day moving average, indicating the prevailing strength of bullish sentiment, at least for the time being.

Furthermore, the Bollinger Bands indicator is showing signs of convergence, suggesting a tightening of volatility, akin to a squeeze. This often foreshadows an imminent and distinct price breakout in the market.

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Curve (CRV/USD): Poised to Elicit Bullish Sentiment

A few days ago, specifically on September 19th, there were speculations regarding the sustainability of the bullish trend in the Curve market. This uncertainty arose due to the significant bullish activity observed during the day, which was not adequately supported by trading volume.

Nevertheless, contrary to these initial expectations, the market has continued to exhibit bullish momentum, potentially signaling the possibility of attracting increased bearish sentiment in the near future. If the market continues along its current bullish trajectory, it may entice a greater influx of traders into the bullish market.

Dane rynkowe krzywej

  • Cena CRV/USD Obecnie: 0.464 USD
  • CRV/USD Market Cap: $393.56 Million
  • Podaż CRV/USD: 878,280,981 XNUMX XNUMX CRV
  • CRV/USD Total Supply: 3.03 Billion
  • Ranking CRV/USD CoinMarketCap: #87

Curve (CRV/USD): Poised to Elicit Bullish Sentiment

Kluczowe poziomy

  • Opór: 0.48 USD, 0.50 USD i 0.55 USD.
  • Wsparcie: 0.40 USD, 0.35 USD i 0.30 USD.

Przewidywanie cen dla krzywej: punkt widzenia wskaźników

The bullish sentiment within the krzywa market can be attributed to the actions of a select group of influential traders who wield significant market sway. Through their substantial buying activity, they appear to be actively maintaining a bullish trend with the intention of catalyzing widespread buying interest and bullish sentiment among fellow market participants.

Upon a closer examination of the daily chart, one can discern a gradual increase in the volume of trade histograms. This indicates a growing influx of traders into the bullish market. However, the Bollinger Bands indicator has not responded as anticipated, failing to exhibit the expected divergence of its two standard deviations. This is somewhat surprising, given the considerable bullish movement that would typically trigger heightened market volatility.

Nonetheless, this peculiar situation may be attributed to the dominance of a select group of influential traders who appear to be driving the market in a largely one-sided direction.

Curve (CRV/USD): Poised to Elicit Bullish Sentiment

Perspektywa 4-godzinnego wykresu CRV/USD

Examining a shorter timeframe, it becomes evident that the concerted effort to stimulate substantial buying activity in the market is materializing. This is primarily due to a noteworthy surge in trading volume. However, when observing the 4-hour chart’s Bollinger Bands indicator, it is apparent that significant divergence, indicative of heightened volatility, has not yet manifested.

Nonetheless, a closer inspection of the most recent trading session on the chart reveals a gradual uptick in volatility levels. Furthermore, an observation of the trade volume histogram shows a pronounced surge, coupled with a comparatively less substantial bullish candlestick. This suggests that certain long-position traders may be considering short positions to realize their profits.


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Aktualizacja Ethereum Shanghai nie robi wrażenia: JP Morgan

Etherum, wiodący na świecie inteligentny blockchain kontraktowy, odnotował spadek aktywności sieciowej od czasu długo oczekiwanej aktualizacji w Szanghaju w kwietniu.

Według najnowszego raportu badawczego przeprowadzonego przez JPMorgan, pogorszenie koniunktury jest zauważalne pomimo pomyślnego ułatwienia wycofywania stakowanej eteru (stETH), natywnej kryptowaluty Ethereum. Od tego czasu tokeny te pozostają zablokowane Ethereum przejście z dowodu pracy (PoW) na dowód stawki (PoS) we wrześniu 2022 r.

Według CoinDesk w raporcie podkreślono, że aktualizacja w Szanghaju rzeczywiście miała pozytywny wpływ na ekosystem Ethereum. W szczególności poprawiło to efektywność energetyczną, zapewniło płynniejsze dostarczanie eteru i wzmocniło mechanizm tyczenia. Nie udało się jednak ożywić kluczowych wskaźników, takich jak dzienna liczba transakcji, dzienne aktywne adresy i całkowita zablokowana wartość (TVL) w ramach zdecentralizowanych finansów (DeFi) aplikacje na blockchainie.

Analitycy JPMorgan przypisują ten spadek aktywności sieci kilku czynnikom niedźwiedzim, które miały miejsce w ubiegłym roku. Warto zauważyć, że katastrofalne upadki Terry i FTX, dwie główne platformy DeFi, wraz z ograniczeniami regulacyjnymi Stanów Zjednoczonych dotyczącymi kryptowalut i kurczącym się krajobrazem monet stabilnych.

Raport rzuca również cień wątpliwości na centralizację systemu stakowania Ethereum, ponieważ znaczna część pozostaje skoncentrowana na płynnych protokołach stakowania, takich jak Lido. Płynne stakowanie umożliwia użytkownikom obstawianie swojego eteru i otrzymywanie tokenów reprezentujących ich stawkę, które można następnie wykorzystać w różnych aplikacjach DeFi.

Ethereum z lepszą skalowalnością dzięki Protodanksharding

JPMorgan sugeruje jednak jaśniejsze perspektywy dla działalności sieciowej Ethereum w obliczu zbliżającego się kryzysu Aktualizacja EIP-4844, nazwany Protodankshardingzaplanowane na IV kwartał tego roku. Ta aktualizacja ma znacząco zwiększyć skalowalność i bezpieczeństwo Ethereum poprzez wprowadzenie nowej warstwy shardingu. Sharding skutecznie podzieli łańcuch bloków na mniejsze, bardziej zwinne segmenty, zdolne do szybszego przetwarzania transakcji i niższych kosztów.


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