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Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, April 1: D2TUSD Price is going up

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Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, April 1: D2TUSD Price is going up

Dash 2 Trade Price Forecast: D2TUSD Price is going Up (April 1)
There is an opportunity to buy the D2TUSD pair as the price is going up at the moment. The coin is currently witnessing a significant bullish trend and also points to a rise shortly. However, the price can go higher if the current support at $0.00502 holds and the bulls should put in more aggressive efforts, the price may reach a $0.01000 high level, promising substantial earnings for the coin traders.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.00600, $0.00700, $0.00800
Support levels: $0.03500, $0.02500, $0.01500

D2T (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (4H)
D2TUSD trades in the bullish trend zone in its long-term outlook. The activities of the bulls on the coin in recent times are the cause of this.
Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, April 1: D2TUSD Price is going up

The coin made it to the $0.00502 high level during the previous action and has made the price remain in green above the supply trend level in its recent high.

At the time of writing this article, and as an outcome of low bearish momentum, buyers are hindering the market from smashing through the support zones. The coin price at a $0.00503 high value above the resistance levels as the 4-hourly chart opens today is undeniably bullish.

To predict a bullish rise in the Dash 2 Trade market over the $0.00728 supply level, buyers must therefore step up their efforts.

Further, the D2TUSD price may likely continue in the same bullish trend as the market is pointing up on the daily stochastic. So, the price could be ready very soon for a speedy bullish pattern continuation. In this case, a significant level above the $0.01000 supply trend line might be the target soon in its higher time frame.

D2T (USD) Medium-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
The Dash 2 Trade pair is positive in its medium-term time frame, trading in a bullish trend. The price opened lower but managed to trade in green above the supply levels over the past few hours. This confirms its bullishness.
Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction for Today, April 1: D2TUSD Price is going up
The high bullish impact on the crypto at the $0.00502 high level in the previous action has contributed to its bullishness in its recent high.

The D2TUSD price finds a reliable resistance at around the $0.00503 supply mark above the two EMAs, resulting in intraday gains as the 1-hourly session resumes today.

However, the bullish growth will face a formidable resistance trend line above the $0.00510 previous high mark if the bulls can add more strength to their purchasing power.

In addition, further upsides are likely as indicated by the price signal pointing upward. This will compel the buy traders to cluster around the Dash 2 Trade market to continue the bullish correction rally fully and this time around the bulls may likely hit the $0.01000 supply level soon in the medium-term time frame.

Here is an overview of the past month in D2T’s office as well as an outline of what’s coming up soon!


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