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Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 22: D2TUSD Potential Reversal at the $0.004575 Low Value

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Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 22: D2TUSD Potential Reversal at the $0.004575 Low Value

Dash 2 Trade Price Forecast: D2TUSD Potential Reversal at the $0.004575 Low Value (November 22)
The D2TUSD market price might soon resume its upward trend with a potential reversal near the $0.004575 support level. Should the bulls change their buying orientation, push higher, and close above the $0.00553 resistance value, a bullish breakout confirmation will reflect the improved market sentiment. Doing so will offer a higher footing for buyers to prolong this recovery. Thus, a post-retest rally may drive the prices high to hit the $0.01000 upper resistance trend level.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.00700, $0.00800, $0.00900
Support levels: $0.00500, $0.00400, $0.00300

D2T (USD) Long-term Trend: Bearish (4H)
D2TUSD indicates a downward trend with a bearish sentiment in its long-term perspective. The coin is trading below the two EMAs. However, the current trend will soon be nullified as the market now trades at the oversold region.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 22: D2TUSD Potential Reversal at the $0.004575 Low Value
The sustained bearish pressure at the $0.00465 support value in the previous session has made the crypto price drop below the supply levels in recent times.

The price of Dash 2 Trade at the $0.00457 low value below the two EMAs as the 4-hour chart opens today is a result of low bullish momentum. Thus, traders who buy the coin during the bearish market will also make gains in the future.

Notably, there is a possibility for a price reversal at the mentioned support as the market is now oversold as indicated by the daily signal. This will enable the bulls to emerge soon and turn around the trend of the D2TUSD market.

Hence, the upcoming bullish rally may likely break the $0.00553 previous high point which might possibly hit the $0.01000 supply value in the coming days in the long-term outlook.

D2T (USD) Medium-term Trend: Bearish (1H)
The currency pair also trades in a bearish market in its medium-term outlook. This is due to the high influence of the sell traders.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 22: D2TUSD Potential Reversal at the $0.004575 Low Value
The bearish pressure at the $0.00463 support level in the past few hours has made the coin stay below the supply trend levels in recent times.

Actions from the short traders further dropped the price of Dash 2 Trade to a low at $0.00457 value beneath the two EMAs as the 1-hour chart resumes today.

With the overall market trend still bearish, the D2TUSD price is likely to plunge higher and retest the high accumulation zone of $0.00497 level to ward off any bearish shackles.

Adding to this, the crypto now trades at the oversold region of the daily momentum, which means that the selling pressure is ending soon.

Thus, the emergence of bulls is expected to push the coin price to a $0.01000 upper resistance value in the upcoming days in its medium-term perspective.

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