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Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 28: D2TUSD Price Will Increase Further

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Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 28: D2TUSD Price Will Increase Further

Dash 2 Trade Price Forecast: D2TUSD Price Will Increase Further (November 28)
The Dash 2 Trade price is likely to increase further and is an opportunity for long-term investors. If the bulls add more aggression to their buying swagger and the current support at $0.00426 value holds, then there is a high probability of the price going up to its recent swing high, which is the $0.00553 resistance trend line. This will enhance the bullish theory for gains above $0.00900 and $0.01000 upper resistance values.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.00800, $0.00900, $0.01000
Support levels: $0.00400, $0.00300, $0.00200

D2T (USD) Long-term Trend: Bullish (4H)
The D2TUSD pair is in a bullish market zone in its higher time frame as can be seen from the chart below. The price is currently recovering and trades above the EMA-9 approaching the overhead resistance. This is an indication of an uptrend.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 28: D2TUSD Price Will Increase Further
In the previous actions, D2TUSD has been having high interference from buyers which really made it easier for the cryptocurrency to maintain stable upside moves in its recent high. As an outcome of low bearish momentum, buyers are hindering the market from smashing through the support zones.

The coin price at a $0.00432 resistance value is undeniably bullish as the 4-hourly session opens today. Thus, the coin price will increase or grow further if the buy traders add more pressure to their buying actions in the market.

The coin might jump towards the $0.00553 previous supply level amid renewed buying momentum if the sell traders reduce their tension in the market.

Additionally, the daily stochastic indicates an uptrend, in this case, the price of Dash 2 Trade might continue its bullish trend pattern and the price could grow further to reach the $0.01000 supply mark sooner in its long-term outlook.

D2T (USD) Medium-term Trend: Bullish (1H)
On the medium chart, Dash 2 Trade prices are above the moving averages which are glued together and have confirmed a bullish momentum breaking the previous high. The pair is in a smooth uptrend as can be seen from the chart below.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, November 28: D2TUSD Price Will Increase Further
Pressure from the bulls at the $0.00429 high value in the previous action has sustained its upward stability in its recent high.

The bulls’ dominance in the market is confirmed by today’s 1-hourly bullish candle, which rises to a $0.00432 supply mark above the moving averages. The smooth bull cycle pattern that this breakout initiates should, in theory, take the prices to an overhead trend line.

Adding to that, if the bulls could push harder and sustain the coin price above the $0.00469 previous high, the resulting rally may surpass the $0.00553 level and hit the $0.01000 psychological level at the upside in the days ahead in its medium-term perspective.

Smart Money Insights: What an exciting week in the crypto world! Bitcoin experienced a brief dip before returning to green, indicating strong bullish indicators.


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