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Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, September 18: D2TUSD Price Could Jump Up Soon

Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, September 18: D2TUSD Price Could Jump Up Soon

Dash 2 Trade Price Forecast: D2TUSD Price Could Jump Up Soon (September 18)
The Dash 2 Trade (D2TUSD) price could jump up to see another uphill trend soon. The coin price may likely reverse in a bullish direction, and it may soon be prepared for another probable upward surge. The crypto may perhaps retrace to retest the previous high of $0.00916 and even further if buyers can demonstrate their strength and trade hands with sellers at the current support level of $0.00605, then we can expect a good upside momentum up to the $0.1000 upper supply level and a potential buy signal.

Key Levels:
Resistance levels: $0.01000, $0.01100, $0.01200
Support levels: $0.00700, $0.00600, $0.00500

D2T (USD) Long-term Trend: Bearish (4H Chart)
D2TUSD is bearish in its long-term outlook. The high demand from the sell traders has made the coin price drop down below the supply levels in recent times. However, this will soon be invalidated as the market trend is now going towards the oversold region.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, September 18: D2TUSD Price Could Jump Up Soon
Today, the market uncertainties however dropped the price of Dash 2 Trade to a $0.00605 low level below the moving averages. Given the current trend, buyers would be able to purchase the item at a lower cost and push the market higher. Thus, the price tendency will climb over the crucial levels if the bulls raise their level of market tension.

Further, D2TUSD is likely going to reverse and face the upsides as the market is now trading around the 30% range of the daily stochastic; it means that the selling pressure will end soon. This will compel the buy traders to resume an uptrend and may likely break up the $0.00916 supply level soon in its higher time frame.

D2T (USD) Medium-term Trend: Bearish (1H Chart)
According to the chart below, the medium-term outlook for the Dash 2 Trade market is in a bearish trend zone. The prices are seen slightly below the moving averages, this is due to the brief returns of sellers which may soon fade off.
Dash 2 Trade Price Predictions for Today, September 18: D2TUSD Price Could Jump Up Soon
Actions from the bears further dropped the price of D2TUSD to a $0.00605 support level below the moving averages as the 1-hour chart opens today.

Thus, should the bulls change their orientation and push higher the coin price may likely reverse and face the upside to retest the $0.00626 high mark which would put a stop to any further decline. However, with this trend, investors can buy at a low price while moving the coin market forward.

Further, the pair is below the 10% range of the daily stochastic. It indicates that the market has reached the oversold region, and because of that the coin is swinging to the upside soon and the bulls may possibly retest the $0.00916 high level soon in its medium-term time frame.

Dash 2 Trade Development Updates: Integration tests were finished, future features were worked on, error handling was enhanced, D2T chart issues were fixed, and speed was optimized.


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