Avalanche (AVAX/USD) Market Continues Downward

June 12, 2024

Avalanche (AVAX/USD) Market Sets For a Potential Rally

Avalanche Price Prediction – June 11 AVAXUSD market sets for a potential rally. The AVAXUSD pair has experienced a downward trend, but recent market signals suggest potential upward momentum. The price has been fluctuating within a defined range, and a significant support level has been tested. The...
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June 05, 2024

Avalanche (AVAX/USD) Market Signals Upward Momentum

Avalanche Price Prediction – June 4 The AVAXUSD market signals upward momentum as price dives into the discount array. A bullish breakout is highly probable anytime soon due to the oversold state of the market. The Simple Moving Average turned downward for over eight weeks, causing a structural shi...
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May 28, 2024

Avalanche (AVAX/USD) Market Starts an Upward Breakout

Avalanche Price Forecast – May 28 AVAXUSD market initiates an upward breakout. This breakout began after several days within the consolidation zone, bounded by the $30.60 support and $39.90 resistance. In March 2024, the Simple Moving Average moved downward, crossing to the other side of the candle...
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May 22, 2024

Avalanche (AVAX/USD) Market Begins a Breakout to The Upside 

Avalanche Price Prediction – May 21 The Avalanche (AVAXUSD) market begins a breakout to the upside. Following the consolidation that lasted for over a month, the market finally began a rally to the upside. The SMA (Simple Moving Average) crossed downward and to the other side of the candlesticks as...
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May 14, 2024

Avalanche Market’s Consolidation Lingers at the Discount Zone

Avalanche Price Prediction – May 14 Avalanche (AVAXUSD) market’s consolidation lingers in the discount zone. The consolidation has begun since April 13, 2024, as prices bounced off the $30.60 demand zone. Since the MSS (Market Structure Shift) on April 1, 2024, AVAXUSD has been bearish, as in...
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May 08, 2024

Avalanche (AVAXUSD) Market Accumulates at Discount Zone

Avalanche Price Prediction – May 7 AVAXUSD market accumulates at the discount zone. The accumulation followed a massive crash, which resulted from the rejection of the price at the $65.40 supply zone. The market seems to be gearing up for the bulls as the price is currently in a consolidation phase...
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