ENJUSD Solid Impulsive Trade Continues to Beat Sellers

ENJUSD Solid Impulsive Trade Continues to Beat Sellers
February 16, 2024

Chainlink Pauses Above $19 and Begins a Sideways Move

Technical indicators: Major Resistance Levels – $8.00, $10.00, $12.00Major Support Levels – $6.00, $4.00, $2.00 Chainlink (LINK) Long-Term Analysis: BullishChainlink’s (LINK) price breaks its trading range and begins a sideways move. Previously, the altcoin’s price range was $13 to $17....
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February 09, 2024

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) Sideways Motion Continues

Market Analysis – Traders Await Momentum Enjin coin sideways motion continues as market traders await momentum. The price of the ENJUSD has been reluctant to make significant movements for weeks, lacking the momentum needed for a substantial slide or surge. Traders have been waiting for the m...
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February 01, 2024

ENJUSD Price Remains Poised for Selling Momentum

ENJUSD Analysis – Buyers Are Pulling Out ENJUSD price remains poised for selling momentum. The price of ENJUSD is currently poised for a selling moment as the efforts of crypto buyers have diminished this week. Despite their strong efforts in the previous week, the sellers are gaining momentu...
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January 24, 2024

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) Bulls and Bears Engage in Cautious Dance

ENJUSD Analysis – Buyers are Building Strength Again  Enjin coin bulls and bears engage in cautious dance. The year 2024 has brought a cautious dance to the Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) price chart as bulls and bears grapple for control. This has resulted in a volatile, sideways trend with occasional ...
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January 19, 2024

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) is Waiting for Fresh Intake

ENJUSD Analysis – The Crypto Market Continues to Accumulate  Enjin Coin is waiting for fresh intake as the price remains calm. Traders are eagerly awaiting new investors to instigate a move in the crypto price. The market has been devoid of any significant liquidity purges for several days no...
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January 04, 2024

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) Faces Selling Pressure Into The New Year

ENJUSD Analysis – Bulls May Make a Comeback ENJUSD has experienced a shift towards the sell side in recent weeks. The sellers have taken control of the market sentiment and may continue to push the price lower. The bulls, who had been driving the price higher in previous weeks, have lost thei...
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December 29, 2023

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) Buyers Seek Redemption

ENJUSD Analysis – Bullish Momentum Gains Pace Enjin buyers seek redemption as bullish momentum gains pace. Enjin has seen a significant increase in momentum recently, with buyers displaying their inner strength. The buyers have been consistently pushing the price higher, posing a serious thre...
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December 22, 2023

Enjin Coin (ENJUSD) Sellers Overshadow Buy Trading Strength

ENJUSD Analysis – Crypto Buyers Seek Resurgence Amidst Struggle Enjin (ENJUSD) sellers overshadow buy-trading strength. The market is currently experiencing a lack of bullish momentum, and buyers are struggling to push the price higher. The bears have become dominant this week, overshadowing ...
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