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Battle Infinity Market Forecast: IBAT Is Stretching Up From the Lower Bollinger Band

November 22, 2022

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Battle Infinity Market Forecast: November 22

The Battle Infinity market forecast is that the efforts of the bulls will push the coin price up soon. At present, the market is stretching against the lower Bollinger Band.

IBAT/USD Long-Term Trend: Bullish (1-Hour Chart)

Key Levels:
Supply Zones: $0.0044740, $0.0035040
Demand Zones: $0.0028780, $0.0026630

Battle Infinity Market Forecast: IBAT Is Stretching Up From the Lower Bollinger Band

Battle Infinity is preparing to break upward as a result of the significant effort that buyers are putting into the market to push it upward. IBAT had been punching upward from base support of $0.002249. The price pulled back to the demand level to gather more strength for a market pump.

Battle Infinity Market Forecast: IBAT Is Strongly Bullish

Battle Infinity is currently attempting to push past the limitations under which it finds itself. The bulls are very actively working to achieve this, and they are pushing the coin to test the $0.002355 resistance.

To achieve this, the market pulled back slightly below the support level to gather more strength to push against the resistance level.

The activities of the buyers are causing an increase in market momentum, as seen by the Momentum indicator. The candles are pushing against the lower Bollinger Band to rise.

IBAT/USD Medium-Term Trend: Bullish (15-minute chart)

The 15-minute chart gives a vivid view of the market. The candles have bounced off the lower Bollinger Band and are stretching against the upper Band. The market is now running towards the resistance level with a determination to breach it and hold above it.

Battle Infinity Market Forecast: IBAT Is Stretching Up From the Lower Bollinger Band

The Momentum indicator on the 15-min chart is wobbling and on the rise. This lends credence to the underground activities of the bulls. Very soon, we expected to see the market push past all its barriers to reach $0.003823.

Battle Infinity has huge potential for unusually massive returns. Buy IBAT

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