Compound (COMPUSD) Bulls Drift Despite Low Impulse

Compound (COMPUSD) Bulls Drift Despite Low Impulse
November 18, 2023

Compound (COMP/USD) Buyers Lose Stance

Market Analysis: Compound Buyers Lose Form Compound (COMP/USD) buyers lost their stance against sell traders this week. This week, the COMP/USD market witnessed a significant setback. Buyers failed to breach the $58.560 price zone, resulting in a notable loss in the price. The bearish momentum weak...
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November 16, 2023

Compound (COMP/USD) Buyers Lose Touch

Market Analysis: Compound (COMP/USD) Price Experiences a Decline Compound (COMP/USD) buyers lose touch. The crypto market is facing a tough challenge as the price of COMP/USD struggles to break above the $58.310 resistance level. This level has been a major obstacle for the bulls, who have failed t...
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November 03, 2023

Compound (COMP/USD) Price Lacks Synergy Still

Market Analysis: Compound continues to consolidate Compound price continues to lack clear direction, with bullish momentum suppressed. The market is currently at an equilibrium point, and the price struggles to establish a definitive trend. Since August, the cryptocurrency price has maintained a co...
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October 30, 2023

Compound (COMP/USD) Market Structure Turns Bullish

Market Analysis: COMPOUND Market Structure Turns Bullish Compound market structure turns bullish after reaching the Fair Value gap in the dip discount of the bullish swing. The market was in an accumulation phase in April and June. The Stochastic revealed the market was oversold as a large bearish ...
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October 24, 2023

Compound Accumulates in Consolidation Between $53.0 and $35.0

Market Analysis: COMPUSD price abounds in consolidation. Compound abounds in consolidation between the resistance level of $53.0 and $35.0. COMPUSD price appears to be trapped above the Falue gap as a support. The Bearish order block also resists the price, making the market locked up in the zone. ...
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October 15, 2023

Compound (COMPUSD) Price Remains in the Mud Pool

Market Analysis: Price Remains in Mud Pool The test of the support level of $26.00 injected volatility into the Compound market. The sensitive region aided the influx of buyers. Within a few days, the COMPUSD price pumped almost three times its original price. A pullback from $70.50 provided an opp...
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October 07, 2023

Compound (COMPUSD) Retraces Downward Following Resistance Invalidation

COMPUSD Analysis: The Market  Retraces Downward After An Invalidation Of The Diagonal Resistance COMPUSD retraces downward after an invalidation of a diagonal resistance. Following the upsurge in June 2023, the market expanded rapidly into the premium zone. The expansion ended its first phase with ...
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October 02, 2023

Compound (COMPUSD) Continues Bullish Trend, Exiting Discount Zone

COMPUSD Analysis – Market Resumes Its Bullish Trend As Price Leaves The Discount Zone COMPUSD resumes its bullish trend as the price leaves the discount zone. The market turned bullish in June 2023 after a Change of Character (CHoCH) to the upside. At $86.00, a correction to the downside occu...
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September 23, 2023

Compound (COMPUSD) Undergoes Second Major Correction

COMPUSD Analysis: Price Begins Its Second Major Correction As The Market Becomes Oversold COMPUSD is experiencing its second major correction as the market becomes oversold. This downtrend occurred after an unsuccessful attempt by the bulls to drive the price above $86.00. The MA Cross indicates th...
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