Bancor (BNTUSD) Continues Cranking Movement

Market Analysis – Bancor Continues Cranking Between $3.530 and $2.840 Bancor cranking movement continues after it was rejected at the $3.530 supply level. Sellers have been steadily plunging the market since the 2nd of June 2021. However, the price drop was brought to a screeching halt at the $2.840 demand zone. From this zone, the … Continued

Bancor (BNTUSD) Remains Under Bearish Pressure

Bancor Market Analysis – BNTUSD Remains Under Pressure by the Bears As BNTUSD remains under bearish pressure, the market settled into a range. By the beginning of the year, Bancor was battling to move above the $1.900 supply level. This was eventually achieved, albeit gradually, by the 1st of February 2020. On the 3rd of … Continued

3.700 Weekly Support Keeps BNTUSD Afloat

BNTUSD Analysis – Price Stays Afloat Through 3.700 Weekly Support BNTUSD is relying heavily on the 3.700 weekly support to stay afloat. The market volatility has been on the decrease since the 24th of May 2021. This has coincided with a fall in the price of BNT. The key levels have been very influential in … Continued

Bancor (BNTUSD) Bears Remain in Control of the Market

Bears Remain in Control of Bancor Bancor remains under the control of the bears and is set for more downside. A pump in price had initially occurred between the 3rd of February and the 8th of March 2021. The pump lifted the price of Bancor from $1.900 to $9.400 which is more than a 390% … Continued

Bancor (BNTUSD) Breakout on the Horizon

Bancor Gear up for Breakout – Analysis The market is seen to have formed lower highs over the past fourteen trading days. The recent high was formed on the 26th of May 2021 at a resistance zone of $5.400. The market has concurrently formed higher lows, and the most recent higher low was formed on … Continued